Fluorescent Labels

ATTO-TEC offers a new generation of patented fluorescent markers. They are designed to meet the requirements for molecular labels in the area of life sciences.

ATTO-fluorescent dyes can be applied as fluorescent labels for a large variety of biomolecules, i.e. proteins, nucleotides etc..

Their characteristic properties are:

  • strong absorption (high extinction coefficient)
  • high fluorescence quantum yield
  • high photostability

ATTO-fluorescent dyes are ideal for many bio-analytical applications. Absorption and fluorescence of some dyes are optimized for the red region of the spectrum, with the advantage of efficiently suppressing or by-passing any auto-fluorescence of biological samples. Other dyes exhibit a large shift of fluorescence relative to the absorption (Stokes-Shift). Again others are very hydrophilic, thus avoiding non-specific adsorption at biomolecules and surfaces.

ATTO-labels also find many applications in fluorescence spectroscopy. All dyes are well characterized and can be used in time resolved spectroscopy, FRET (Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer) applications as well as single-molecule detection (SMD).