Technical Support

ATTO-TEC GmbH would like to offer its customers the best possible support in the application and handling of our products.

In addition to the individual chemical, optical and spectral properties shown directly on the product page of the particular dye, we have put together a number of useful information about our fluorescent labels and dyes in our "Support" section.

In our "Data-Table" you will find a complete overview of our fluorescent labels and dyes with the most important properties at a glance.

Under the heading "Coupling instructions" you will find the most important working instructions for the handling and coupling of our ATTO-dyes and dye conjugates.

Further areas include the "R(0)-values", i.e. a table of the critical distance for the energy transfer (FRET) between ATTO-dyes, as well as a list of the structures of the functional groups and linkers of all modifications of the ATTO-dyes under "dye derivatives".

We try to provide further assistance by the constantly updated and extended answers to frequently asked questions. For this purpose we have set up the section "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)".
If you have further questions about our products or in connection with their appropriate application, please use our contact form.

You make it easier for us to answer your individual question by providing the following information: Catalogue number, lot number / vial number, delivery date / delivery note number, product storage (temperature, with / without additives, aliquots, solvents) and use (working instructions, reaction conditions such as pH value, temperature, incubation time, insulation, etc.).