Customized Dyes

Customized Labels and Products

In addition to the products described on this website ATTO-TEC offers on request dyes and labels tailored to the special needs of its customers. The following examples may illustrate the possibilities.

Derivatives of ATTO-Labels


In most ATTO-labels the reactive group (NHS-ester etc.) is connected with the fluorophore by a linker consisting of a 4-atom flexible chain. For most applications this has proven to be very suitable and practical. However, if your particular experiment requires a linker of different length, rigidity, or other special features, - most likely we are able to provide it.

Reactive Groups and Conjugates

N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) ester and maleimide are the most common reactive groups for coupling to amine and thiol, respectively. However, for other substrate functionalities it is necessary that the label carries an entirely different reactive group: ATTO-TEC accordingly provides labels with amine-, hydrazide-, and biotin coupling groups, azides and alkynes for “click-chemistry” as well as many others. Such derivatives are found generally under the heading of the dye in question. If a particular ATTO-dye derivative or conjugate is not listed in this catalogue, it might still be available on request. Send your inquiry to

Solubility, Charges

On customer request ATTO-dyes can be rendered very hydrophobic or else very hydrophilic and thus become compatible with a particular solvent, surface, or biochemical environment. Furthermore the electrical charge of a label can be adapted to achieve the desired interaction with a biomolecule or simply to obtain a special migration behaviour in electrophoresis.

Special Dyes

New Chromophores

Most labels described on this website are based on dyes patented by ATTO-TEC. These products have been selected for optimum value to our customers, and we at ATTO-TEC are committed to provide these dyes and their derivatives for years to come. However, continuous scientific progress and the invention of ever new applications require the development of novel dyes and derivatives. Therefore, if you need a fluorescent label with special properties, not found on this website, please let us know. We will try to help.