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ATTO Tetrazines

expands its portfolio of dye-labelled "click-reagents", introducing ATTO tetrazines. Tetrazines readily react in a highly selective and bioorthogonal way with strained alkenes and alkynes. All ATTO tetrazines are based on 6-methyl-3-aryl-tetrazine (MeTet), which is characterized by high stability in aqueous media and rapid reaction with trans-cyclooctenes (TCO).

ATTO tetrazines are available for ATTO 425, ATTO 488, ATTO 532, ATTO 550, ATTO 647N, and ATTO 655 and are supplied in units of 0.2 and 0.5 mg.

Fluorescent Labels:
ATTO-TEC offers a new generation of patented fluorescent markers. They are designed to meet the requirements for molecular labels in the area of life sciences. ATTO-fluorescent dyes can be applied as fluorescent labels for a large variety of bio-molecules, i.e. proteins, nucleotides etc.
Fluorescence Quenchers:
ATTO-TEC offers a series of new quenching labels. They are designed to be used as efficient energy acceptors in FRET (Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer) applications. The dyes are available i.a. as NHS-ester and maleimide and can be coupled to amino- or mercapto (thiol)-groups.
Fluorescent Dye-Labeled Phospholipids:
Fluorescent dye-labeled phospholipids are useful tools to stain and visualize biological membranes (lipid bilayers). ATTO-TEC offers a variety of ATTO-dye labeled glycero-phospholipids carrying one or two fatty acid groups (lipophilic groups) and a phosphate ester residue (hydrophilic group).
Customized Dyes:
Next to our catalogue products ATTO-TEC offers the service of customized labels and dyes. We design and synthesize dyes tailor-made to meet the requirements of your application at hand. Please contact us for further information.