General Trade Conditions

  1. With his order, the customer accepts the general trade conditions of ATTO-TEC GmbH. Deviations are not allowed unless other agreements between ATTO-TEC GmbH and the customer have been made in writing.

  2. All products of ATTO-TEC GmbH are aimed exclusively at customers who are to be regarded as entrepreneurs within the meaning of § 14 Abs. 1 BGB, i.e. at the conclusion of the contract in the exercise of his commercial or independent professional activity (B2B-contract).

  3. All prices are quoted in Euro (€) and do not include Value Added Tax. Depending on the country of destination, delivery charges are added as follows:
    Germany: 10 €
    other EU: 20 €
    USA, Canada: 25 €
    all other countries: 35 €

    Prices are subject to change without notice.

  4. On orders over 1,000 €, ATTO-TEC GmbH pays all costs for shipping and handling. The adequate method of shipment is decided by ATTO-TEC GmbH unless ATTO-TEC GmbH receives special shipping instructions from the customer in writing.

  5. Obvious defects of delivered goods have to be reported to ATTO-TEC GmbH in writing within two weeks after receipt of goods. In the case of a justified complaint ATTO-TEC GmbH shall decide on exchange of defective goods or shall credit the contract price.

  6. ATTO-TEC GmbH is not liable for any claims regarding non- or delayed delivery nor for any defects except in the case of wilful misconduct or gross negligence.

  7. Invoices of ATTO-TEC GmbH are payable with deduction of 2 % within 10 days or without reduction within 30 days from the date indicated on the invoice. Until full payment all goods remain property of ATTO-TEC GmbH. Payments by cheque or bill of exchange are effective only after these have been cleared and paid.

  8. If the customer defaults in payment ATTO-TEC GmbH may repossess the goods and ATTO-TEC GmbH will keep them in custody until the default is rectified. Such repossession shall not be interpreted as a withdrawal of any sales contract, unless explicitly stated by ATTO-TEC GmbH. As long as ATTO-TEC GmbH holds any security interest in the goods or in the accounts receivable resulting from the sale thereof, the customer has to provide to ATTO-TEC GmbH any information needed for the protection of the rights of ATTO-TEC GmbH.

  9. Usage or application instructions on the package are to be considered merely as recommendations, which do not commit ATTO-TEC GmbH in any way. ATTO-TEC GmbH is not liable for any information given with regard to certain qualities of the products unless stated in writing. Claims under any warranty or claims for damages are not valid in case of inappropriate handling or processing of the products.

  10. Products of ATTO-TEC GmbH are intended for scientific research only. Resale of the products or goods containing one of the products for industrial purposes is not allowed under any circumstances unless the ATTO-TEC GmbH has agreed in writing.

  11. Place of shipment and payment is Siegen. The Amtsgericht Siegen has exclusive jurisdiction. The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany are exclusively applicable. The UN Convention for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) shall not be applicable.