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ATTO-TEC is Introducing New Antibody Labeling Kits

ATTO-TEC is proud to announce our new Antibody Labeling Kits featuring ATTO 488 and ATTO 643. Optimized for labeling 100 µg IgG antibodies, our kits enable easy and efficient protein labeling with high brightness and photostability. Less than 30 minutes of hands-on time required!
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Our new product catalogue 2024/25 and our new pricelist 2024 is now available for download.


ATTO-TEC is expanding its portfolio of dye labeled “click-reagents“, introducing DBCO derivatives.
DBCO readily reacts with azides in a catalysis free, bioorthogonal reaction forming a chemically stable triazole.

Advantages of ATTO DBCOs:

    • high purity
    • Cu free Click-Chemistry
    • highly selective site specific binding
    • fully bioorthogonal labeling

ATTO DBCOs are available for a variety of fluorophores. They are provided in units of 1 and 5 mg.

We've moved!
Dear customers and business partners,
dear friends.
With the move to our recently completed building in the industrial park Martinshardt in Siegen, a long-cherished wish came true.
More than 20 years after the foundation of ATTO-TEC GmbH as a start-up at the University of Siegen, our new company headquarters now unites administration and production under one roof for the first time.
Short walking distances as well as the modern and spacious equipment allow efficient work in a pleasant atmosphere. The new premises also offer significantly more space and thus create the prerequisite for further growth.
We are therefore looking forward to continuing our good cooperation in the future!
From now on you can reach us at the following address:

Martinshardt 7
57074 Siegen
Ein Bild, das draußen, Gebäude enthält.Automatisch generierte Beschreibung
Foto: Jens Kirchner, Architekturfotografie

Payment option by check

Dear customer,
we would like to inform you that unfortunately we can no longer accept payments by check.
Payments can only be made by bank transfer (invoice or prepayment) and by credit card. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Fluorescent Labels:
offers an extensive range of new patented fluorescent labels. The dyes have been developed to meet the requirements for applications in the area of life science. ATTO fluorescent dyes can be used to label a large variety of biomolecules such as proteins, nucleotides, etc..
Fluorescence Quenchers:
offers a range of new fluorescence quenchers. As efficient acceptor dyes, they are particularly suitable in FRET (fluorescence resonance energy transfer) applications. The dyes are available as NHS-esters and maleimides, among others, and can be coupled to amino and mercapto groups.
Fluorescently Labeled Phospholipids:
Fluorescently labeled phospholipids are useful tools for staining and visualizing biological membranes (lipid bilayers). ATTO-TEC offers a range of fluorescently labeled glycerophospholipids with one or two fatty acid residues (lipophilic part) and one phosphate ester (hydrophilic part).
Custom Synthesis:
In addition to our catalogue dyes, ATTO-TEC offers a custom synthesis service. Here we develop dyes specifically according to the requirements of your individual application.