Fluorescent Labels: 600 nm - 700 nm

In the red to near infrared spectral range, next to the long-wavelength absorbing rhodamine dye ATTO Rho14, carbopyronine dyes such as ATTO 610, ATTO 647 and the carborhodamine ATTO 620, ATTO 633, ATTO 643, ATTO 647N and ATTO 665 can be found. Oxazine dyes are represented by ATTO 655, ATTO Oxa12, and ATTO 680 showing absorption maxima of 650 nm and beyond.
Common excitation sources for these dyes include i.a. the He-Ne laser at 633 nm, the krypton-ion laser with the lines at 647 nm and 676 nm as well as various laser diodes with 635 nm, 640 nm, 650 nm, 660 nm 670 nm and 680 nm.

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