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Please note that for credit card payments your card must be registered in the 3D Secure payment system.

Therefore, please activate your credit card for 3D Secure payment at the issuing bank to be able to use the payment option "credit card" in the online store.

For a smooth handling of goods at customs it is necessary to send a completed and signed Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) certification to the shipping company (FedEx). Immediately after the goods have been shipped, we will provide you with the tracking number of your shipment to which you must refer in the TSCA. In addition we would like to ask you to send us a copy of the TSCA to sales@atto-tec.com.

In addition to the delivery address and the billing address, please make sure you also provide a suitable telephone number for queries from ATTO-TEC and in particular the local customs authorities.

Very important!
For shipments to the US, a completed TSCA form of the customer is required, which must be sent directly to FedEx!

ATTO-TEC accepts credit card payments (Mastercard, VISA), checks and wire transfers. All credit card payments are 3d-Secure and require next to the name of the cardholder, the cardnumber, as well as the 3-digit security number. For more information about data protection, please visit our privacy policy.

All ATTO-TEC products can be shipped without any problems at ambient temperature. Cold packs are not required.

All goods are shipped as an insured parcel exclusively via FedEx, both domestically and abroad.

No, the products of ATTO-TEC GmbH are aimed exclusively at specialized personnel of institutions and companies. For EU customers, we need the VAT identification number (VAT-number) for registration and first shipment.

Generally it will take 4-5 working dyes. However, if there are issues with customs it may take longer for the goods to arrive.