New Product Release - ATTO 643

ATTO-TEC is expanding its portfolio of fluorescent labels by introducing ATTO 643!

ATTO 643 is a new fluorescent label related to the well known dye ATTO 647N. It is very hydrophilic, hence it shows excellent water solubility and significantly reduced tendency for unspecific binding.

ATTO 643, like ATTO 647N, is very photo-stable. The dye exhibits strong absorption and fluoresence, thus, with an emission maximum of 665 nm, ATTO 643 is one of the brightest dyes available on the market.

The label is well suited for single molecule applications and high-resolution microscopy such as PALM, STORM, STED etc. ATTO 643 is also highly recommended for oligonucleotide synthesis, flow cytometry (FACS), fluorescence in-situ hybridization (FISH) and many more.

ATTO 643 is available with free carboxy group, as NHS-ester, maleimide and azide. In addition we provide dye-conjugates of streptavidin and phalloidin.  

For further details please follow the link: ATTO 643