ATTO-TEC is expanding its portfolio of dye labeled “click-reagents“, introducing ATTO tetrazines.
Tetrazines react rapidly and selectively in a bioorthogonal way with strained alkenes or alkynes.
ATTO tetrazines are based on 6-methyl-3-aryl tetrazines (MeTet) which show high stability and still very fast labeling, e.g. with trans-cyclooctenes (TCO).

Advantages of ATTO tetrazines:

• highly selective site specific binding
• fully bioorthogonal labeling
• fast labeling reaction
• small label compared to, e.g. dye-conjugated antibodies
• fluorogenic probes

ATTO tetrazines are available for a variety of fluorophores. They are provided in units of 0.2 and 0.5 mg.