New Website

We are proud to present our new homepage in a new modern design.

We have revised and greatly expanded the content of the site. In the section "Worth Knowing" we have compiled important information on the absorption and fluorescence of dyes. With reference to our ATTO-products we inform you about aggregation, fluorescence quenching, FRET as well as fluorescence quantum yield and fluorescence lifetime.

A new feature is the "FAQ" section, where we have answered a selection of interesting and common customer questions about our ATTO-dyes. We are continuously expanding this section, so that a regular visit is undoubtedly worthwhile.

Within the section "Support" you will find as usual a lot of information about our ATTO-dyes for download. In addition, we now offer you direct access to the certificate of analysis of our ATTO-products.

Thanks to a simple navigation you will quickly get familiar with the new categories as well as the improved functions of our online-shop.

We hope you enjoy discovering the websites. Of course we are looking forward to your feedback and are just as grateful for suggestions and comments as for praise or criticism. You can simply use our contact form.

Your ATTO-TEC team.